Family Events and Activities

We have a full calendar of popular events throughout the year for our children and parents to enjoy. Events include:

Christmas Party
Each year we will be celebrating Christmas at a nearby venue where we dance, sing, eat and be merry! The highlights will include a short performance given by the children as well as a visit from Santa and his Elf.

Parent Evening
Each year we will be holding a Parent Evening where parents and staff enjoy a glass of wine and nibbles together. Specialists such as Health Visitors and Early Years Advisory Teachers are also invited. The Parent Evening is an excellent opportunity for parents to meet with their children’s Key Person and to be updated with current educational thinking.

Goodbye Picnic
Each year all families will be invited to join the Home from Home Goodbye Picnic in celebrating the transition of children from pre-school to reception class and ‘big school.’  At our picnic there is kite flying, face painting and a nature trail as well as a presentation and short performance given by the children.   It’s a wonderful day out for our staff, children and parents, plus it’s always lots of fun!

Extended Learning Performance
Before the eldest children leave for ‘big school’ they perform a final piece to their parents. The wooden stage at the foot of the garden becomes an outdoor theatre where the children sing and dance in the shade of the ancient holly and beach trees.