Your child’s learning journey

There is plenty of space for the children to move between rooms and explore. The routine follows the children’s needs and staff build excellent rapport with parents to ensure the Key person relationship is successful. The children learn through exploring and experiencing a wide range of activities with a real emphasis on sensory, messy and investigative play. The children have lots of exciting opportunities to develop their physical skills in the acre of garden and they are encouraged to jump, climb, run and balance. The environment reflects the EYFS which has 7 areas of learning. For the under 3s we initially focus on the 3 Prime Areas of learning and development: Personal Social and Emotional; Physical; Language and Communication. By supporting the children’s learning in these areas they have a wonderful platform from which to develop skills in the specific areas: Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World, Expressive Arts and Design.

In the twelve months before your child leaves to join reception we support the children in developing skills and attitudes that will enable them to thrive at ‘big school’ e.g. listening and talking confidently in a group, developing fine and gross motor skills, becoming aware of numbers and letters and managing their own hygiene/self care.

Where numbers allow we enjoy trips to the beach and a variety of parks. We actively encourage lots of time outdoors in our large garden and, regardless of age, children are given the learning opportunities that meet their developmental needs. Throughout your child’s time at Home from Home we carefully monitor, record and celebrate your child’s learning journey. Furthermore the Key person builds a scrap book with photos and observations that allow you a window into your child’s world and a chance to share the “home from home” experience.