Worthing Nursery School Building

A fun and safe place for Babies and Toddlers to play

Our Babies and Toddlers enjoy a stimulating environment exploring adjacent rooms set across the whole first floor of the building.  Children aged between 6 months and 2 years enjoy a high staff to child ratio of 1:2. We realize for children of this age keeping their daily sleep routine going is all part of the “home from home” experience. We have a separate sleep room with blackout blinds, soothing music and monitors to ensure our children get the undisturbed rest they need.

Room to develop and grow for Pre-school

Our Pre-school consists of six large rooms within which the children can  explore in familiar surroundings. Each room has a different emphasis and has been designed in accordance with the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. A staff to child ratio of 1:4 in the Pre-school allows for the perfect balance between child-initiated learning and adult led opportunities. A mixture of different ages (2 to 5 yrs)  creates a family-like experience with the younger children playing alongside their elders. The older children provide good role model behaviour to the young. The structure of the day allows for a good balance between mixing the ages as well as having age-appropriate small group time interspersed throughout the day.

Plenty of outdoor play time is vital to the development of children. Our acre of garden needs to be seen to be believed!!